Why Oulton College

Why are international students choosing Oulton College?

More and more students from all over the world are choosing Oulton College to further their education – and the reasons couldn’t be more clear!

Employment Training

At Oulton’s our goal is to have you reaching your dreams in less time than you thought possible. We are employment-driven, offering a blend of instructional and training techniques to have you working in the field of your choice with the confidence of having been trained by experts in your chosen field using state of the art technology.

Small Class Size

We pride ourselves on our level of personal attention to each one of our students, and we maintain that excellence of service by constantly monitoring and improving not only instructional techniques but also keeping class sizes small. You are never just a number at Oulton’s. By joining with us, you are a part of something bigger, a community created and shaped to support, encourage, and develop your skills and have access to opportunities not available to students in many other educational settings.

High Standards

We hold ourselves to some of the highest educational and organizational standards in the country. How do our stringent standards impact your success? By choosing our instructors and developing a culture of integrity and ownership, to investing in technology and innovation, from curriculum developed with industry leaders and government authorities, to the supervision and care of our programs, students, and place in our community, you get the benefit of our dedication to excellence in every aspect of your training, your employment, and your future.

Efficient Delivery

You want to be working confidently and competently in your chosen field as quickly as possible, and that is our highest goal. By constantly refining, improving, and innovating our internal administration and keeping our focus on you, the student, we have been able to find the perfect balance of enough instruction and training to ensure success without all the useless theory, inefficient systems, and outdated techniques that can frustrate students in other institutions.

Modern Labs

High Standard of Living at a Fraction of the Cost

By choosing Moncton as your home base for education, you are choosing one of the technology, innovation, and entrepreneurial hubs of Canada. And not only that, you’re choosing small city cost of living with big city standard of living – what could be better?

Meet Anthony, an Oulton College Graduate, originally from Trinidad and Tobago. Let him tell you why he left the sunny Caribbean to pursue a career in Canada and how Oulton College helped him along the way.