Why Choose Moncton


Small city community, big city opportunity.

Moncton, New Brunswick is the nerve centre of the Maritimes along with being one of its largest cities. It’s known not just for excellent amenities and a vibrant multicultural community, but also for its reasonable cost of living for both housing and recreation.

Business & Population

Moncton is growing as well, welcoming thousands of immigrants and newcomers from all over Canada each year. Business, especially in the tech and industrial fields flock to this little gem with huge heart, supporting a retail and entertainment hub serving more than 1.4 million people who live within three hours of downtown.

We’ve always known that Moncton is the premiere place to do business in North America, and others agree! For five years in a row, Canadian Business magazine editors have classified the city as the best place in Canada to do business and KPMG ranks is as the second-most competitive city in North America for business costs.

Culture & Food

Drawing on a mix of homegrown Acadian, Scottish, and European cultures, and constantly evolving as our population grows so does our culture…and most importantly our food! Moncton is a city for foodies of every type, with an incredible range of offerings.

We were the first bilingual city in the only officially bilingual province and our culture embraces the strengths found in differences. We cherish our commonalities while we accept and honour those things that set each of our cultural groups apart.

Music & Entertainment

Moncton plays host to some of the biggest names in the world with huge festivals and concerts held both inside our new Avenir Centre and outside at Magnetic Hill (a wonder of the world in itself). There are lots of intimate spots around town to take in smaller acts, no matter your preferred genre.

There’s no shortage of activities, entertainment, and cultural events – the bigger problem is fitting them all into your busy schedule!

Climate & Natural Beauty

We enjoy four very distinct and separate seasons here in Moncton, from the most beautiful hot summer days where we are within 40 minutes of the warmest ocean waters north of Virginia, to enough snow to ski for 1/3 of the year. Our autumn colours will leave you breathless, especially if you take them in at one of our national or provincial parks.

Sports & Activities

From biking to surfing (yes, surfing down the Tidal Bore of the Petitcodiac River is a real thing), and footpaths designed and maintained throughout the city, you can spend just about every day outdoors and not see the same scenery twice. There are lots of indoor and outdoor sports options – just about any kind of sport or activity is offered within the Greater Moncton Area.