Our Programs

Faculty of Health Sciences

Looking for a career where you can make a real difference in people’s lives? Then you have found it. Careers in the health care sector are rewarding and challenging with personnel who provide essential services that meet very real and immediate needs.

Whether your dream is to work in dental, medical, veterinary, or lab environments, our programs are created to be efficient and intensive – giving you everything you need to be successful. Small class sizes, recognized certifications, and a focus on clinicals and practicums offer our students a strong start in their careers. It doesn’t have to take you years to start making a difference. We can prepare you, connect you, and see you employed in the career of your dreams in 9-20 months, instead of 2-4 years.

Faculty of Human Sciences

Human Services are more in demand than ever before. From child and youth care to policing and corrections, we know what it takes to turn your passion for helping into a valued and fulfilling career. We go beyond simply giving you information – we test your skills, we give you real life experiences, we allow you the opportunity to build and develop your strengths while making connections that will benefit you throughout your career.

Our Child and Youth Care, Early Childhood Education / Educational Assistant, and Human Services Counselor programs are taught by industry-tested instructors. They teach you the skills and knowledge that will combine with your passion to pave the way for an amazingly fulfilling career.

Faculty of Business

Oulton Faculty of Business prepares you to not only succeed in the area of your choice, but to develop long-lasting and transferable skills that will allow you to continue to grow as the business world changes. We are constantly innovating, developing instruction to respond to employers’ needs and developing our students to excel in sales, marketing, entrepreneurship, HR, and communications.

Our focus on efficiency translates into small class sizes, access to instructors, technical skills, and real life experiences that give you an edge even before you graduate. Our On the Job Training Program allows you to experience the real world, make connections, and often land your first job, all while taking one of the most intensive and market-directed programs around.

Faculty of Information Technology

In the fast-paced world of IT, expertise is the expectation and those who have the underlying understanding to build on their base skills – no matter what changes happen – are the ones who will rise to the top. We provide the “behind the curtain” in-depth knowledge needed to ensure your skills are never made obsolete.

We capture a broad range of knowledge and technical skills and give students real insight and hands-on projects covering an array of tasks, including network infrastructure and web design. With our On the Job Training (OJT) component, you will be given the chance to connect with employers, put your skills to the test in the real world, and often gain employment with your host company even before graduation.